Alpine flight from the famous Gstaad or Chateau d'Oex area

(only from December through Mai)
A flight of approximately 2 - 3 hours, takes about 7 hours total time.

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NOT on offer any more

Would you like to see the famous "Berner Alps? Once we are airborne you will enjoy the fantastic view over the Alps of the Berne region. On most flights we are able to see as far as the famous Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.

To fly in the mountains is not only "cold" but fantastic! Imagine floating away in a hot air balloon - over an area that you never seen from this angle before. You forget about the cold when you look at this majestic mountain world.

Alpine balloon flight

Alpine ballooning

Our passengers will need a certain sportiness and fitness to take part in this adventure. We suggest that you talk to your doctor if in any doubt. 
You should, at least, be able to master a long foot march in snow in the exceptional case of a landing in an inaccessible area.  
Although it happens very seldom that the crew with the chase-car can not reach the landing site - it does sometimes happen. Then hard work for an hour or so is announced :-)


However, we will have been rewarded in advance with a fantastic  far-reaching view - sometimes up to Mont Blanc and beyond..... 

And after the flight we will enjoy a "Kafi Schnaps" that warms us up and brings us back to life again. And who knows, we may even have a Cheese Fondue in one of the local restaurants to end this adventure.

Swiss Alps from a hot air balloon

Flying over the Swiss Alps

A once in a lifetime experiance

Will you be the next to join us?

One thing is for sure: The magnificent views and the fresh mountain air will give you a good sleep that night.

Where and when do we meet?

Depending on where you are staying we meet you on the way to Gstaad or we meet you right there at about 8am