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We are around 25 people who would like to stay at a hotel in the mountains. Maybe Giessbach hotel in Brienz in June. One morning we would like to fly with you. My questions: Is it at all possible with that many people? And do you offer transportation from the hotel and back or would we have to arrange that ourselves?

Sent by Marie on 26.01.2018

Hi Marie The number of passengers is no problem, we fly with a few balloons together. But transportation from Brienz to the Region of Berne early in the morning will be the challenge! In June we meet at 5:00 am and here you find our locations: Hope this helps for the moment. regards Hans

hello! are there any times of the year (such as winter months) that you do not fly at all?

Sent by Andy Green on 27.08.2017

Hi Andy Yes, our flying season is from April to October. We do not fly during winter month.

I am planning a trip with my wife and parents in the last week of August/1st week of Sept 2017. Please give me a quote for a ballon trip. I live in Geneva 0791292836

Sent by Aditya Khanzode on 01.08.2017

Hi Aditya We have our normal price per flight - no quotations and no discounts. You find our flight schedule with free seats and also the cost at our website: or at our new site

Do you have summer sunrise flight from Geneva or Interlaken in June 2017 ?

Sent by Suchita on 27.04.2017

I am sorry, but Interlaken is a "no fly" for balloons. Because of all the mountains around we have no or very few landing areas and Geneva is just too far away.

Is there any hot air ballooning flight from St Moritz?

Sent by Camila on 06.10.2016

Hi Camila I am sorry but we do not fly in or near St. Moritz. Maybe you ask the tourist office for asistance.

Hello, we have 2 tickets for the balloon flight and can't wait for it. As we are traveling by public transport, could you please give us a few suggestions for the places of balloon flights? Which are accessible by train/or bus, please? Thank you!

Sent by Lucia on 09.08.2016

Hi Lucia Please check the meeting points at our new website There you find the locations (address and map) we normaly meet. Now it's up to you where you want to fly.

Hello, how many people are allowed for 1 trip?

Sent by Olga on 30.03.2016

Depending on the size of your party we will take more than one balloon. Normaly we fly with 6 to 8 passengers in one balloon.

We are 4 adults We are interested in hot air ballooning, of the Alps, between 7 and 9 March, 2016 We wanted to know which tours do you offer , or route, duration and cost of them. How to do the reservations and what happens if the weather is bad. Where from do you recommend to fly in order to have the best view of the mountains

Sent by SILVANO VLACIC on 14.02.2016

Flying over the Alps is possible, but can NOT be scheduled on a certain date as you plan. Because we have to consider a few very important factors like weatehr on the north and south of the alps and the wind speed and directions we can only see a flight about 2 or 3 days in advance. For this flight you have to plan 1 1/2 days of time (stay over night in Italy before we return) and it wiill cost Euro 2100.- per person. Right now we have our winter break and start flying only at the end of march. You can check out our locations where we fly and our schedule of open flights and available seats here: Those flights are CHF 390.- per person.

Hi, I will be with m y better half is Switz from 18 Sep to 01 Oct. Is it possible that you provide me with a schedule of available flights during this time? Cheers

Sent by Charbel on 10.08.2015

You can see our schedule and available seats here: If you find a suitable location, you can order, pay and reserve the seats direct online.

Dear Madam/Sir, We are planning a balloon trip on summer 2015 (June/July). We are having two kids with the age 2 and 6. Is it possible to take our kids along for the Balloon ride? Do we need to pay for them? We thank you in advance for your reply. kind regards, Manu

Sent by Manu Mathew on 08.11.2014

Dear Mathew Children should be 1.20 m tall to be able to look over the basket. I am afraid but your children are to small to participate in a balloon flight. Would be to uncomfortable (you would have to hold them in your arms all the time) and to unsave when we land the balloon! Then YOU have to hold on yourself - and what about the children? Not a good idea, sorry ....