The team of Funks Ballonfahrten in Switzerland

Hi, I am Hans Funk your host and pilot. Join me in a wonderful balloon flight over Switzerland

My name is Hans Funk. Almost 30 years ago I had a wonderful hobby. I flew hanggliders of our beautifull swiss mountains. But many times I had to carry my 38 kilogram glider a long distance on my back to the take off location just to land within a few minutes on the bottom of the valley. By chance I met a balloonist in 1987.

He told me of his wonderful flights high above the clouds and his happy passengers who experienced a unique adventure. I liked that! During a good part of 1988 and spring 1989 I had completed my training and became a balloon pilot. Shortly after I bought a small balloon.

More and more passengers over the years wanted to fly with me and my balloon. In 1999, I had to make up my mind: Continue to work as an employee and to reduce my ballooning or make my hobby into a beautiful job. The decided to go for the later.





Behind every successful man stands a woman. For me there are three of them.







The ground crew is as important as the pilots and passengers. It only works as a team ....