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Albuquerque balloon meeting become a member of the balloon team

..... Every year we take part in some national and international balloon meetings.

If you would like to become part of our crew and experience ballooning first-hand please give us a call so we can arrange this once in a lifetime adventure for you.

But don't wait too long - because there are only a limited number of places available.


Sonnenbühl Cup

Weather permitting we will fly six times over the "Schwäbische Alp". Over hills and valleys passing castles and romantic villages we fly along with about 30 other balloons. If the sun is shining liquide (rain) - no problem: There are plenty of other things to see and to do and the food and wine is just delicious too..........

Intern. Balloon Fiesta Leipzig
end of July

More than 130 Hot-Air Balloons are participating every year. See details of this fantastic organised meeting here!!

Albuquerque / New Mexico

Have you ever been flying a hot-air balloon with about 750 other hot-air balloons at the same place and same time? This is Albuquerque! The largest balloon meeting and the most photographed event on the globe. Be sure to have a lot of film with you when you see all those balloons in the air and flying along the Rio Grande! But there is allso enough time to do a daytrip to Santa Fe, visit a casino in the Indian reservation and have dinner in one of the famous Mexican restaurants. An incredible 10 days with balloons all around you! You will also have the opportunity to extend your stay and visit, for example, the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas.

Chambley Lorraine
end of July

Nearly 500 balloons will meet for 10 wonderful days at the Chambley Air Base, a no longer used NATO airfield near Metz. Michael Collins served and married here before he made his most famous Apollo 11 flight to the moon. But don't worry, we will not fly that high! If the weather permits we will fly twice a day. In between, there is lots to see and explore around this historical site.


Beginning of


A 4 day meeting of everything that flies! So balloons from all over the world are included. We attended this meeting for the first time in 2007 and we just love it! It's great to fly in a very unusual area at the slope of Mount Pinatubo, the sleeping vulcano. Join in now for 2011....