Hot-Air Balloon tethers

Are you looking for a way to make an event more unique? More spectacular? There is no better way to draw in the crowds than with a tethered hot-air balloon!

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Are you holding a special event? A wedding, special birthday, garden party, summer ball, sports or charity event? Or launching a new product or holding a corporate event or conference?


As well as being able to take your guests up for short rides if the winds are calm, a tethered balloon makes a spectacular attraction at any outdoor event.


Previous organisers of similar events have been delighted with the popularity of the balloon both as a visual background and guests being able to experience a tethered flight.


When inflated the balloon stands approximately 70 ft. tall and 70 ft. across. The balloon can take up to three people at a time, each for about 5 - 10 minutes, which will allow up to 30 of your guests to take balloon rides each hour.


As darkness falls on your event, the climax can begin! Your privileged guests will be witnessing a breathtaking spectacle – your very own magical night glow! The sky becomes illuminated by giant light bulbs a sight which is sure to cause a stir!


Costs start from as little as CHF 1600.- per hour for a minimum of two hours.